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My personal 'hood.

So, as soon as I'd gotten my game set up and running and got most of the CC I'd been eying installed, I immediately filled my 'hood with personal friends of mine and, of course, my self-sim. A friend of mine, Atreyu, and I ended up married and had a baby girl. This is what happened afterward.

This would be Atreyu Zacara. After flipping shit as my sim went into labor, I'm pleasantly surprised at how good a father he's being so far. :3


This little worrywart would be my self-sim, Tiffany Zacara. Maiden name was Ward, but after the marriage, y'know, things change.

This was entirely autonomous. My heart melted. :')

I don't think these two are ever going to stop being adorable, and it's taking a huge toll on my heart with all the flailing and grinning like an idiot. I think it's time for a Tiff/Trey spam.


Hey, do you wanna...y'know...do me? ;]

Tiff's got that, "I'm about to get it in." look on her face.

And she did.

Mmm, I just got laid.
Trey: I love my wife, I love my wife, I love my wife...

And then comes the obligatory race to the bathroom.
Trey: Oh god, she's gaining on me. I had to pee first!

Umm...Trey...what are you doing?

Ava-Lynn's stats. :3

I sense a disturbance in the force...

Ava was wailing and screaming for attention for the past two hours...

And Trey, who normally takes care of her 24/7, did nothing but work out. Midlife crisis, maybe?


She immediately rushed to Ava's room, picked her up, then changed and fed her.

And yes, she was very, very smug about it.

Tiffany: Finally, I' the one who attends to my daughter's needs, not Atreyu. I WILL BE THE PRIMARY CAREGIVER. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!

It's Ava-Lynn's birthday! Atreyu is...very enthusiastic about his daughter growing up. I don't think he realizes the toddlers are worse than infants.

Trey: Yeah, Ava! That's my girl! You grow up and go to private school and become a doctor and support me when I'm old and on my death bed!

Trey: WOO! GO AVA!

I'm not sure whether or not he's mentally stable at this point...

Shortly after, this happened, and my first thought was, "Oh, FUCK, not again!"

Tiffany: Blarguhgargle, WHY ME, GOD, WHY ME?

Now, we interrupt your scheduled program to bring you Ava-Lynn Zacara!

She's just so fucking adorable, I can't stand it!

Back in adultland, Tiffany is constantly in the mirror, practing her speech for when she finally becomes the leader of the free world.

And Trey's adorable ass finally showed his guitar who's boss.